The World of Stargus


World Centre – Windamere


Elwen- Elves Homeland
Darak Tur – Orc Homeland
Nol’tahar – Tiefling Homeland
Homeshire – Halfling Homeland
Mount Thunderclap – Dwarf Homeland
Celestland – Human Homeland

Malicious Terrians:

Forsaken Bluffs – North of the Dwarven Homeland, this place has temperatures deadly enough to kill even the toughest of Dwarf’s. No one lives here except the Neutral Yeti races.

Vale of Ruins – These ruins are lost in time of an Old City called Trethar. Old Dragons and Sorcerers are known to live here. The Fountain of Lies can be found here.

The Dark Woods – These woods cover the land from south Elwen all the way down to the Celestland. This wood was once part of the Elven land but was tainted by Dark Magic. Some say they see strange figures lurking amongst the shadows of the trees.

Notable Towns/Cities:

Haleth: A smallish town in Celestland near the Forsaken Crossroads. Known for selling good Food.

Polington: A city in between Celestland and Homeshire. This city is Wardened by a Lord Bolton. It famous for its Armour and Weapons. It also can be a great source of gossip and information…

The Green Glade: This town is on the edge of the Elwen border near Homeshire. Elves trade food and drink with the Halflings here. It is known for the people who live there. Much information about artifacts, scroll’s, tomes etc.

The World of Stargus

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